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    About Bern(ardo)

    Hello, my name is Bernardo (but Bern is so much easier to pronounce). I’m a guy who’s deeply in love with life, insanely grateful to do what I love and who chose to show up (this time around) as a: husband, father, son, show host, adoration manifesting guide for women, and as a man who really cares about helping others find their own truth during this lifetime.

    I help women find or rekindle deep, devotional, (almost irrational) love, share their full feminine radiance and light and reclaim the courage to be adored and worshiped completely – in record time.

    A Snapshot of My Heart in 11 Lines:

    1. No matter what the “experts” say, your own intuitive wisdom always knows best.
    2. I believe that the “glass half-full” philosophy is complete bullshit and absolutely know that when you see with your heart, the glass is always overflowingly full (even in the midst of pain).
    3. I live for that split second moment when someone wakes up from a deep sleep and reclaims her own forgotten truth and power.
    4. I’ve learned more about life from death than I’ll ever be able to express in words.
    5. There has never been nor will there ever be someone as love-worthy as you.
    6. Although everyone deserves unconditional love, few people will ever muster the guts to offer it so their withholding will become their prison.
    7. While there is inevitable pain in living there’s also inevitable joy in service.
    8. Music is more than a way to fuel my heart, it’s what the universe is made up of at its most fundamental level.
    9. When you experience truth, the need to “believe” in something completely ceases to exist.
    10. I consciously choose to work with women because the tipping point our world desperately needs will mostly come from feminine radiance.
    11. I long for the smell of wet earth from my native Mexico right after a summer storm has passed.

    My Work & What I’m Insanely Passionate About

    I’m passionate about connecting, about seeking my truth, about the chaotic but electric intersection of all earthly stuff with that which doesn’t change. I’m also passionate about helping women reconnect back to their hearts, cut the BS game of staying stuck in a story, and crack open to REALLY love and be loved with devotion and infinite passion (on many cases for the very first time).

    I love being the catalyst to get you back to the radiance that is your core. This doesn’t require for you to become a better person, it simply requires heartful surrender to leave behind the illusion of who you think you are, so that the essence of who you really are can shine through and light up the entire world.

    My Roots

    I was born and raised in Mexico City, where I lived until I was 18 (since I’m 37 now I’ve officially spent most of my life in Austin, TX).

    Since I was about 12, I’ve had a relentless and almost stubborn passion for personal development and helping out friends to find lasting solutions to their problems. From the time I was 17 until I was about 23, I had the amazing fortune of being invited to participate as a volunteer staff member in many of Tony Robbins’ seminars around the world, which gave me an invaluable insight into how I could help others create meaningful and lasting changes in their lives in a very short period of time.


    This is a younger me dancing onstage with Tony Robbins on an infomercial for his UPW Seminar.

    I’ve been immensely blessed during this lifetime and because of this I feel an inner calling to spread some of that goodness around. I have the privilege and bliss of sharing my heart and life with all of you through my videos and interviews and get the humbling honor of connecting with thousands of people from all walks of life: from those still searching to find meaning to some of the most inspiring humans alive today. I’ve been married to the love of my life for the last 13 years and have two beautiful, healthy, creative (and quite passionate) sons.

    My journey lately has awakened an thirst to vanish the apparent separateness between us and can best be summarized by the words of a spiritual teacher and friend (Arjuna Ardah):

    “I am the beggar, I am the sinner and I am the saint. I am the used car salesman, and the lonely old lady in hospice. I am Mahatma Gandhi and Saddam Hussein. I am you and me, and him and her, and all of us and none of us, and so are you. Drill down into your own inner core, and you will discover that everything “out there” is also “in here.” ~Arjuna Ardah

    You can check out my media page or connect with me via Twitter, Facebook, on my show or by working with me 1-on-1.

    The Story Behind Yourgreatlifetv

    It was an uneventful night in December of 2010 when a little after midnight (while my family was asleep) I browsed the web with my laptop (from my bed) and stumbled upon a video by Gary Vaynerchuck. Unknown to me at the time, that video was about to ignite a fire inside my heart that I’d been suppressing for years. I spent the next couple of days figuring out how I could practically start sharing my gifts more consistently with others and start living more aligned with my heart.

    The answer became obvious and I made a life altering decision: I was no longer willing to allow a surplus of gutless excuses stop me from doing what I originally came HERE (to this earth) to do. So I stayed up most of that night writing a plan for what would, a month and a half later, become this site. It’s as if the last few years were building up to something that was inevitable but once unleashed would lead to a completely different way of life for me.

    The actual idea to create yourgreatlifetv took place in less than 10 minutes. I initially saw an image in my mind of a clean talking head video with a white backdrop, then the actual topics or categories for which I would develop videos every night. I felt as if a bright light had struck my heart and was unwilling to let go of me. I continued planning and working hard at the concept and a couple of weeks later did some numbers and figured out how much I needed to create a home studio. So I went out the very next day to purchase a video camera, professional lights, a backdrop, editing software and then did something that would make my commitment unbreakable…

    My dad had been battling cancer for almost four years and it started becoming imminent that his days were about to come to an end. It was about 4pm on a Sunday afternoon when I entered his room. He was laying in bed, going in an out of a drowsy sleep – which meant he wouldn’t be able to follow our conversation – and yet this time it was different. I laid in bed next to him and felt just like the old times, when I was a five year old child, and I told him with all my excitement what I was planning to do. It took little saying for him to really get it. Both of us felt it, we knew this was something beyond a temporary trend and also projected that it would unleash a series of events that would change my direction in life, with no turning back.

    He was so excited about it, so enthusiastic and grateful, probably because he finally saw in me a path back to my heart, that in that one instant my commitment to make this life project work, no matter what, solidified. It took me about one month from that day to finally launch this site, unfortunately this took place two weeks after he’d passed away, and yet I know that without his encouragement and blessing to solidify my comitment, it’s very unlikely you’d be reading this today.


    What This Site is About

    Yourgreatlifetv is a space for you and about you. It’s my personal way of sharing wholesome ideas that have made a BIG difference in my life (and the lives of many others) and can help you experience a life you’re inspired to live, not “someday” but today. All it takes is a vulnerable, open heart and a willingness to go within. I’ve created five different channels/sections for this site:

    1.- Get The Love You Crave Q&A

    Where I answer questions from my beautiful viewers on how to attract the ideal man into your life, someone who can love you with presence and devotion, How to rekindle passion within your current intimate relationship and how to start or end a relationship for the right reasons.

    2.- Emotional Force

    Where I share ideas, tools and strategies to help you experience a more fulfilled life.

    3.- Yourgreatlifetv – The Show

    Where I share the wisdom of inspiring guests whose lives are examples of a purpose driven life in the form of an interview. I share people who have demonstrated an ability to transform their own life and have touched the lives of many through their service to others and their commitment to live their truth. The purpose of this show is to help you find and live your deepest truth today.

    Trailer: What This Show is About

    4.-Great Life Reviews

    I will share ideas, blogs, movies, documentaries, events that can instantly create a higher level of consciousness, joy and value driven fun in your life.

    5.-Ask Bernardo

    Where you can ask me anything including my personal feedback on a challenge that you might be experiencing. I am not a coach or expert here, I simply have a great deal of experience living a fulfilled, purpose driven life and helping people from all walks of life in the area of personal development.

    6.- 60 Seconds 

    A 60 second video with an empowering message and a challenge for your week.

    All my posts in one place

    You can see an archive all my free videos by clicking here:

    My Guest Posts & Guest Interviews

    You can see an archive all my contributions, interviews and guest posts here:

    My promise is to keep these posts fun, brief and packed with ideas that can make a visible difference in your life if put to practice. I thank from my heart for taking the time and for having the courage to listen. Invite you to share this content with anyone in your life who can benefit from it.