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Category Archives: 60 seconds Friday

Sixty seconds to change your destiny (60 second video)

We often fall for the illusion that change takes a long time to come by. My sixty second video is a lively reminder that the most significant moments in life (including any changes we need to make) can take place in 60 seconds or less. Let me know what are the best sixty second moments or decisions so far in your life.Watch This Video

The art of being fully awake (60 second video)

My 60 second video is an invitation to wake up from the dream and suck the marrow out of life today. It is in the most mundane and average of things that you can unleash all the force of the universe to do, be and say whatever your heart desires. Watch This Video

The life you almost lived (60 second video)

Today I want to ask you to reflect on the series of wasted little moments that will never come back and yet make all the difference between a life of misery or a life of transcendence. My post today is a wake up call to realize that you hold eternity in your hands by the simple, courageous, and passionate small and big choices you make or fail to make at every moment.Watch This Video

The gift of honesty (60 second video)

My 60 second video today is an invitation to look at the excuses you hold on to be true today and realize that they are by far the single most challenging roadblock to living a fulfilling life.Watch This Video

Your last unforgettable moments (60 second video)

This 60 second video is a wake up call to appreciate the little things in life in this and in every other now-moment. It’s a reminder that one day you will relieve the most relevant moments right before your eyes before you take that final journey. This day is an open invitation for you to do whatever it takes so when the time comes, you can look back with awe and love rather than with regret. Watch This Video