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How to speed up meeting the man of your dreams

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The 3 most essential qualities to look for in a guy

If you’ve ever wondered out of all the traits worth looking for in a man, which ones are the most essential to create a powerful relationship where you can open up to shine your brightest light, this video is for you.

The most effective way to mend a broken heart

Hello lovlies, I am so excited to be back today with a video that shares the most effective way to mend a broken heart. If you’ve ever felt immobilized by a feeling of hurt or loss after ending a relationship with someone, in this video you will find three mindset shifts that can instantly adoptWatch This Video

How to stop waiting for his call and take ownership of your love life

If you’ve ever felt confused and somewhat immobilized by waiting for a guy who was “perfect” once but who’s no longer valuing you at the level you deserve. Today I’m sharing three very simple concepts that can help you remember that you’ve got more choices in life than you realize. By the way, I’m notWatch This Video

Three small habits that can massively help him choose you

Happy Tuesday! For this week’s edition of Get The Love You Crave, I want to share with you three simple habits that can give you a definite edge over any woman regardless of how pretty, sexy or amazing she might appear. These are three small ways of being that when practiced consciously (and together) canWatch This Video