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Intimacy Q & A | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 17
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Category Archives: Intimacy Q & A

Should I Be His Sugar Mamma?

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Todays question comes from another woman who wishes to remain anonymous and who is questioning whether she’s with the right man or not. She feels like he’s not pulling his own weight financially speaking and something about that concerns her and rubs her the wrong way. Here is the full question below and my answerWatch This Video

Does The Man I’m Looking for Really Exist?

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For today’s edition of Get The Love You Crave Q&A I’m answering an anonymous question by “S”, here’s her question: Q: “What are the best ways to handle my fear (or limiting belief) that the kind of man I want to be with doesn’t exist? The examples are that I hold the belief that theWatch This Video

How Can I Sustain Passion?

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This week I had two women (who live in completely different parts of the world, NY and Spain) ask me pretty much the same question so I decided to create a video for this week’s edition of Get the Love You Crave Q&A because I know this is a BIG area for most of us.Watch This Video

How Do I Stop This Circle Of Bad Choices?

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Today’s Question comes from Gloria, a 43 year old woman from NYC who wants to know: “While it’s true that we should love unconditionally is also true that you can’t build a lasting relationship when there is no mutual respect. I’ve been divorced twice. Even though at 43 years old I know what I’m lookingWatch This Video