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Intimacy Q & A | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 14
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Category Archives: Intimacy Q & A

How to find the gift when he’s moved on

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SIGN UP TO MY FREE VIDEO SERIES How To Guide Your Man To Worship You With Desire, Presence & Strength (Or Attract One Who Can) These past couple of days I received about five emails from courageous women in different parts of the world with a similar challenge: how to move past feeling left-out andWatch This Video

How to stop waiting for his call and take ownership of your love life

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If you’ve ever felt confused and somewhat immobilized by waiting for a guy who was “perfect” once but who’s no longer valuing you at the level you deserve. Today I’m sharing three very simple concepts that can help you remember that you’ve got more choices in life than you realize. By the way, I’m notWatch This Video

How to use the pain from your past to make yourself more valuable to him

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If you’ve ever felt ashamed or dragged down by your past when it comes to sharing your heart with a man, you’re not alone. Many women today feel like something that happened in their past (which incidentally, they have no control over anymore) is taking off “points” from them and making it more difficult toWatch This Video

Three small habits that can massively help him choose you

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Happy Tuesday! For this week’s edition of Get The Love You Crave, I want to share with you three simple habits that can give you a definite edge over any woman regardless of how pretty, sexy or amazing she might appear. These are three small ways of being that when practiced consciously (and together) canWatch This Video

Three Warning Signs that the Guy You Want Might Not be Your Guy

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You know that secret hunch on the pit of your stomach you don’t always pay attention to that let’s you know the guy you’re trying to hook up with might be REALLY wrong for you? Well, today I want to offer you three very clear warning signals that the guy you’re emotionally investing your heartWatch This Video