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Great Life Reviews | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 7
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Category Archives: Great Life Reviews

Why you should think twice before you complain again

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Today I am honored to share the life of a man who is beyond inspiring, Nic Vujicic is a hero of mine who can really awaken the need to eliminate excuses from your life and to stop complaning about what you do not have. What would your life be like if you really knew you are limitless? Click on the Share the love link to see Nic’s video.Watch This Video

Can you feel the heart of an immigrant today?

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My review today explores the heart of those who arrive in this country with nothing and risk everything in order to have a better chance at life. The post I share today has heart and purpose and if you allow it, can open a slight doorway into a world that you might not be too familiar with on a personal level. How could your life be enriched if you fully understood those people in society who only work to serve you?Watch This Video

How would your life change in that final minute?

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What would you be thinking about it if you found out that you only had one minute left to live? And if you managed to survive, how would your life change? My review today is a challenge to renew your calling in life and let go of any bullshit that is preventing you from being completely and utterly in love with life and focusing on what really matters.Watch This Video

How to surpass all limitations

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What is the secret to surpass all limitations? Today’s GreatLife review shines light on a double interview: First Peter Guber Interviews Tony Robbins and then Tony interviews Peter Guber. Watch my short video first and then click on the Share the love link to watch this memorable interview.Watch This Video

What if your heart wrote your label?

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What if the greatest part of you defined who you are? What if any label or limitation could vanish from your life in an instant? What would it take for you to do what you have to do in order to be who you want and deserve to be? Watch my video first and then click on the share the love link to watch Caroline’s Ted Talk and redefine your limitations. Share with me: What is a limitation of label you’ve had throughout your life that you can choose to let go of today? Watch This Video