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Why Real is The New Beautiful & The BIG Reveal…

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I’m super excited today to finally get to share with you the labor of love that I hinted at last week. If you want to find out what I’ve been spending crazy days and nights planning, developing, recording, editing and now sharing, check this video out.Watch This Video

Breathing LOVE into anger

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Today I’m sharing a moment I’m definitely not proud of but that brought me to a deep realization about an incredible way to go from pissed to understanding in a way that is true and very real. Let me know if you resonate with this.Watch This Video

Being Elmo & being you

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Today I’m reviewing a documentary that carries within a truth about you and me an anyone and everyone who’s ever felt an inner urge to create, to share a spark of light for the benefit of humanity. May this gentle reminder help remind you to always be, feel, think and act your deepest gift to all.Watch This Video

How long is your list? – Lessons from @RobertRdz

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Last week I had the fortune if watching filmmaker Robert Rodriguez speak at RISE an entrepreneurship conference. He blew me away so much that I decided to dedicate this post to sharing the most important lesson that I learned from him that day.Watch This Video

Can your smile touch eternity?

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How many times do you stop and think about the depth of your impact in someone else’s life? If you’re anything like me, you probably often make it really hard before you allow yourself to feel like your contributions matter. Well, today I have a life of example to share with your heart that will hopefully remind you how deep, timeless and necessary are every smile, every hug every “I love you” that come from you. Watch my quick video, listen for my challenge and then marvel in this amazing mini-film.

Watch This Video