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A Closer Look Inside My Life

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Today I offer an intimate look at my day to day life and give you a sneak peek at the project I’ve been working tirelessly on for the last 5 weeks.Watch This Video

How to shine more light through being you

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Today I answer a question from a brave viewer who admits a deep longing to shine more light and wants to focus less attention on herself and more on serving humanity.Watch This Video

The sustainable way to attract what you want in life

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The biggest challenge I’ve observed when someone intends to attract something into his or her life is the false belief that what needs to be attracted is outside the self. Today I offer my take on what is needed to attract an extraordinary life and get a lot more out of life as a result of it.Watch This Video

What is the key to anything that you want in life?

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How many times do you find yourself trying so hard to get something you want accomplished? If you are like most people chances are: many. In my 4 minute video I share a couple of insights that might remind you of a way to get what you really want without so much struggle.Watch This Video

Are you willing to seek the truth this time around?

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Who are you at the most essential level? Why are you here? Where do you go when you die? How are you connected at the most fundamental level with a distant galaxy? Why should you care to question the beliefs you were handed down when you were growing up? I discuss my quest to find these answers as well as an invitation for you to do the same.Watch This Video