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Emotional Force | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 12
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Category Archives: Emotional Force

The most dangerous illusion that is holding you back

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Days come and go and entire lives are wasted when people hold back most of their sense of fulfillment, gratitude, passion, or fulness until they reach a significant milestone. Most humans live under the illusory belief that in order to be as free as they can be, something must change. My video today addresses this myth and offers an answer to the question: How to be freedom and gratitude in the now?Watch This Video

The secret to retiring sooner than you ever thought possible

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What are your thoughts about retirement? What if you found a way to absolutely never want to reitre? How many people around you do you find who are not only anxious to retire, but who actually think it will bring a missing sense of excitement to their lives? My video today speaks about a way to life your life so that retirement is not something that you ever look up to or aspire to attain. Watch This Video

My top 3 wishes to transform your life in 2012

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I’m incredibly optimistic about the outlook in my life in 2012, not because of any special future predictive powers or blind positive thinking but because I’ve decided it will be so. My post today is about my top 3 wishes for you this year and how the practice of these can enable you to have the best year of your life. This is not about setting resolutions so much as it is about cultivating three habits to experience more of you wherever you decide to go.Watch This Video

The antidote to the holiday Grinch within

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What if this Holiday season marked the year when you start genuinely enjoying this time of year? Do you know what is the absolutely guaranteed way to ensure you actually have an incredibly meaningful holiday time instead of a painful set of moments that rob you of life? Today I share an incredibly simple and practical way to make the most out of this season starting right now.Watch This Video

The only problem you ever have to solve

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What if you could solve one key problem and by solving it eliminate most of the challenges you face day to day? If you could focus your energy in just one problem and by doing so immediately feel a deeper sense of gratitude and purpose that you’ve ever experienced, would you be interested in learning what this is? Well, today I share one critical yet simple answer that can make all the difference in your ability to experience life fully.Watch This Video