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Emotional Force | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 10
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Category Archives: Emotional Force

The courage to be you

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It’s easy to suppress your deepest voice when you feel scared without fully realizing that this suppression ultimately leads to a half lived life. Today I share an experience that helped me make a decision to be more honest with myself regardless of what others might think of me.Watch This Video

The biggest mistake in life & the illusion of spring

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We often think of life as a predictable film when in reality, this illusion is responsible for the demise of dreams. Today I reflect upon one of the biggest mistakes most of us make and challenge you to look at the openness of your heart moment to moment.Watch This Video

Music from your heart with @Crizsabre

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My video today is a reflection into my brother’s journey as a way to connect with that invisible force from where music, intuition, inspiration and truth stem from. I’ve had the privilege of watching my twin create since a very early age and my hope is that his story through music reminds you of what your heart longs to be, share and feel during this lifetime.Watch This Video

Can you plant a heart seed today?

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How fully awake are you most days? Do you ever, like me, fall into the trap of becoming a zombie without really paying attention to what’s out there for a few hours at a time? My video today is based on the following premise “The quality of your life ultimately comes down to the depth of your giving.” Today I explore an incredibly simple yet profound way to plant a seed in other people’s hearts every single day.Watch This Video

The crazy reframe technique for a richer life

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How many times does an unwanted situation or person show up in your life? How many times do you end up feeling pissed about it and even take on the role of a victim? Today I share something simple yet very effective that you can plant the seed for now, so than whenever an unwanted situation shows up in your life you can re-frame it in a way that makes you feel empowered.Watch This Video