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Emotional Force | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 11
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Category Archives: Emotional Force

Three essential questions that yield an extraordinary life

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Have you ever stopped to think about what creates an amazing quality of life? When it comes down to it, what is the difference between living a half lived versus a life where you use yourself up completely? Let me give you a hint, it comes down to the quality of peak moments you experience consistently. Today I provide 3 questions that can get you to experience these on a daily basis.Watch This Video

How to use the depth of your love to shine more light

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Most people’s reaction to Valentine’s day is either playful excitement or extreme repulsion at the thought of a “greeting card made holiday”. Today’s video is a short yet actionable reminder of how to love more deeply and how to use the love or the hurt you create as a tool for opening your heart and the heart of others.Watch This Video

Can you auto-correct before you hit enter?

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I’ve often times had the experience of saying something mean or stupid without really meaning to. Unfortunately by the time I realize, it’s too late. Well, today I’m talking about a new approach. How about if we realize that we are in the middle of creating a bad situation and choose to auto-correct right in the middle of the whole situation?Watch This Video

Are you ready to embrace the gift?

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Today is a very special day for me, as exactly one year ago today I received a most unwanted gift. This gift is one I would not wish upon anyone, and yet, its lessons have moved my heart deeper than any other experience I’ve ever had.Watch This Video

Can you leave your illusion at the doorstep of your life?

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What if it were possible to leave those illusions that are holding you back at the doorstep of your day? What would happen if today you acted in spite of “thinking” that you do not know what your passion is and gave fully despite not being sure what your deepest gift is about? My video today is an invitation to walk freely without any expectations about what you should or should not know, be or should not be, and enjoy the freedom that arises from being really you.Watch This Video