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Category Archives: Heart and Soul

How to unleash your sexual radiance / Heart & Soul with @KimAnami

I am extremely excited today to share with you an incredibly beautiful and radiant soul who has so much wisdom to share about life, intimacy and sexual openness, Kim Anami. I highly encourage you to make some time today to listen to this interview in full since Kim is someone who speaks with so much eloquence and depth that you (and your partner if you have one) will benefit tremendously from what she has to share.Watch This Video

Why YOU can lead without followers: Heart & Soul with @DaveUrsillo

Today I sit down to talk about real leadership with a really cool dude: Dave Ursillo. This guy has discovered at 25 what many people take a lifetime to find out. Watch as he talks about leadership, purpose, and his brand new book “Lead Without followers”Watch This Video

The art of eating chocolate naked – Heart & Soul with @KimberlyRiggins

Today I have the honor of sharing with you a beautiful soul (inside and out) who is authentic, insightful and so full of life. Kimberly Riggins is the creator of “The Art of eating Chocolate Naked” a movement whose mission is to help women embrace themselves just as they are. I guarantee that if you watch the video today you will gain invaluable insights that can instantly help you understand, love and appreciate who you are more, regardless of your current path.Watch This Video

Heart and Soul with Nichole Kellerman (@NKellerman)

Today I have the great honor of sharing with you an incredibly passionate, giving and healthy soul: my friend Nichole Kellerman. In this candid conversation she will share some unique insights to get you to live a healthier life through appreciating where you are today. Her contagious energy will warm up your day and remind you that doing what you love is the key to a memorable life.Watch This Video

Heart and Soul with @mayicarles

Today I am so excited to launch a new section on my vlog titled “Heart and Soul”. In this new section I will share conversations with amazing friends with an emphasis on sharing ideas that can open your heart and create change in your life. The first friend I will introduce is Mayi Carles: an incredibly passionate artist creator of Mayi has a heart of pure gold & her light and energy will warm your heart instantly.Watch This Video