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How to unleash your sexual radiance / Heart & Soul with @KimAnami
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How to unleash your sexual radiance / Heart & Soul with @KimAnami

I am extremely excited today to share with you an incredibly beautiful and radiant soul who has so much wisdom to share about life, intimacy and sexual openness, Kim Anami. I highly encourage you to make some time today to listen to this interview in full since Kim is someone who speaks with so much eloquence and depth that you (and your partner if you have one) will benefit tremendously from what she has to share.

Today I have the amazing honor to share with you the knowledge, the wisdom and radiance of Kim Anami. Kim is a lifestyle and intimacy coach who has dedicated a large part of her life to understanding how to create amazing, deep and incredibly fulfilling intimate relationships by sharing how to express people’s gifts through sexual intimacy.

She has helped countless individuals and couples to discover the greatness of their sexual nature and harness the force of creation through mastering their sexual essence.

The reason why paying attention to your own sexual being and practice is so important is because failure to do so can virtually guarantee that the most important relationship in your life (your intimate one) will suffer or even fail. I believe that each one of us has inherent in our sexual essence the key to unleashing our individual happiness as well as our ability to share our true gift with the world.

Through this candid conversation with Kim you will learn:

  • What is the root of most sexual taboos that exist today and how to break through them to enjoy the fullness of your unique sexual essence.
  • What are the benefits of growing consistently in the area of sexual intimacy.
  • What is the key to harness the power of your intimate relationships.
  • What is the downfall of buying into collective stereotypes as it relates to your sexual life.
  • How to break through fears that stem from collective stereotypes.
  • How to tap into your masculine or feminine sexual essence more consistently to create polarity and attraction with your partner.
  • How sex can open your life up to a greater sense of spiritual radiance.
  • And much more…

About Kim Anami:

Kim Anami

Kim has coached thousands of people over the years to lead more fulfilling and sexually abundant lives and loves. She has an extensive background in personal growth and wellness, having been on a quest for 20 years to discover how people change.

Her studies have run the gamut from transpersonal psychology and Method acting to learning about raw food from breatharians in Australia to in-depth explorations in Taoist and Tantric sexual techniques with learned masters.

She has enjoyed media appearances as an intimacy and life coach, speaker, and writer. Kim has been featured on radio and television programs with audiences ranging from 50,000 to 7 million. Several times a month, she speaks to entrepreneurial and wellness groups, and also facilitates her own group workshops: The Sexual Savant Salons.

Connect with Kim:

Visit: Bodaciouslifecoaching.com

follow her on twitter @KimAnami or

Like her on  Facebook