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Heart and Soul with Nichole Kellerman (@NKellerman)
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Heart and Soul with Nichole Kellerman (@NKellerman)

Today I have the great honor of sharing with you an incredibly passionate, giving and healthy soul: my friend Nichole Kellerman. In this candid conversation she will share some unique insights to get you to live a healthier life through appreciating where you are today. Her contagious energy will warm up your day and remind you that doing what you love is the key to a memorable life.

I am really excited to share a Heart and Soul Post with my friend Nichole Kellerman. I first met Nichole a few months ago when she contacted me to share me on her blog and from the first conversation I had with her I knew that she was a generous and kind person who gives from her soul.

I was so positively impressed by her enthusiasm for life, health and her knowledge of social media despite her very young age that I decided to invite her and share her views with you. Nichole is one of those people who leaves a mark because she is willing to do whatever it takes to be of service. She is also a very healthy human being who dedicates her life to showing women of all ages that “loving yourself is the first and most important key to health”.

During this conversation you will gain a deeper understanding about:

* Why some people seem to try everything and still don’t manage to get healthy.

* What is the ideal mindset to create lasting changes in the area of health.

* How opening up to a new idea can create a life transforming path and direction for your


* How to love your body today, not “someday”.

If you enjoy this post even a fraction of what I enjoyed recording it, then I know you will have a fantastic time and learn a few key distinctions that can last a lifetime.

Make sure to add a comment to let me know what you enjoyed most about the great Nichole.

Nichole just launched a 10 day program to reset your health. She created a really cool video that shares a bit of her story and provides you with a 3 step plan to regain control of your health.

You can learn more about Nichole and check out her program by clicking here or the Link below.

10 Day Body Reset