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What is really “Awesome” in your life?

What is really awesome in your life? How many of those little moments do you recognize each day? This video discusses a book that reminds us to pay immediate attention to the small things in life that make the biggest difference.

How often to you stop and fully take in the little, awesome, unique, special, almost mundane moments in life? Are you taking them in or are you letting them skip by you? The review today focuses on a book that allows you to re-discover the little awesome things in life.

Juan Carlos Mercado
Juan Carlos Mercado

Nice review! I read the book and the review is a good explanation and interpretation of it. In this case, making a big deal out of a small detail is a great thing!

Adrienne | Experience Life Fully
Adrienne | Experience Life Fully!! I'm really excited for you and what you were able to create with this site. This is the first "vlog" I have come across that has actually captured my attention. I don't know why I don' usually like watching videos..perhaps its because you can't "skim," and that's what I fall into the bad habit of doing these days. There was a moment when I thought I would stop listening, because, you's almost 5 whole minutes, haha! But, I couldn't! Everything you shared here was spot on and really resonated with me. I've made "being present" my primary focus for this month...learning to appreciate even the seemingly small things in life. Like today, it was cold and raining all day, but I chose not to focus on that. I chose to focus on the beautiful sound that rain makes when it hits the ground and it made me smile. You are really enjoyable to your energy and authenticity...I'll definitely be back for more! ~Adrienne