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Category Archives: Emotional Force

The REAL miracle of life

The real miracle of life is about reconnecting to that person for whom you would give your life. It’s about re-defining what your life is about and finding the drive to do whatever it takes to make your life a masterpiece because it would influence this person’s soul. Who is this special someone for you?Watch This Video

The power of adoring your life’s partner

My video today is about the power of showing up with strength and love for your partner or showing that love for yourself if you are not in a committed relationship. Regardless of where you are in life the benefits of adoring your life’s partner can add an extra dimension of depth to your life. Watch This Video

Why it’s virtually possible to change the past

What if you were able to change the past? What if whatever you feel about the past could change in a heartbeat? Today I share with you a few key distinctions that can allow you to practically and immediately understand that the present moment is the only force driving your life now. What part of your past will you decide to change today?Watch This Video

How to create a life that’s beyond fulfilling

Creating a life that’s beyond fulfilling is a decision that can easily be made today. What habits that allow you to experience true fulfillment do you currently tap into? How can you shift your consciousness and life energy today to ensure you never miss a day without feeling life deeply?Watch This Video

How to make your life a fantasy today

Is your life a fantasy? Ealier today it hit me really hard (in a beautiful way), that my life really is a fantasy for many powerful reasons. So I thought I would share with you my ideas around how to really understand and appreciate why your life might be a fantasy too. My video today is about opening your awareness to the idea that you have all that you need today.Watch This Video