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Emotional Force | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 19
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Category Archives: Emotional Force

The most powerful way to solve a problem

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In life there are real and unreal ways to solve problems, but unfortunately the distinction between both ways is not always easily identifiable. This video asks you to make a shift in consciousness in order to immediately and effectively deal with problems in an honest and lasting way. If you really wanted to, how could you take charge of your problems today? Watch This Video

How to give your heart a spa day

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How to give your heart a spa day is about finding out ways to thank and acknowledge who you are, how far you’ve come and how amazing your life is now. This video is about rewarding yourself for a well lived life and a reminder to be kind, gentle and generous with yourself. What could you do today to reward the great person that you are? Watch This Video

How to share your deepest gift with everyone you meet

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Sharing your deepest gift is a choice and an opportunity to align yourself with flow. Sharing your gift is your chance to open life and avoid the slow and gradual killing of your soul. How can you share your deepest gift today? If you knew how easy this is, would you?Watch This Video

What’s in your final backpack?

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Have you ever stopped to think, I mean really think about what you’ll be able to take with you when you leave this place? If you make this question a habit in life you’ll soon realize it is completely related to the moments you experience. This video is about reconnecting with that part of you that is real and everlasting. What do you plan on taking with you? Watch This Video

Is there a secret to letting go?

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How easy is it for you to really let go? Is there a secret to doing this, I mean really letting go at a heart-deep level not just at an intellectual one? This video is all about finding out what it takes to really let go. What do you need to let go of today, this week, this lifetime? Watch This Video