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Emotional Force | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 17
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Category Archives: Emotional Force

Why people in your life show up the way they do

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Are most people on this world here to support you or to take from you? I dare to say that whatever you expect to experience is what you consistently experience today. My video today explores the main reasons why you experience humanity the way you do and offer some insight as to what you can do to experience at a practical level how the world is here to help you out and guide you always.Watch This Video

A minor shift that brings about big change

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Is there someone you interact with on a regular basis who instantly causes a negative feeling in your stomach? Today I offer a 24 hour challenge to let go of those negative and draining emotions and reconnect to your source in a heartbeat.Watch This Video

A life of fulfillment does not stem from a to do list

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What is the antidote to the painful stress that arises from having an unending to do list? Have you ever finished checking all your boxes only to feel drained instead of excited? My video today speaks about why that happens and how to turn it around for good. What if I told you that you can get more done with less items on your to do list?Watch This Video

On being a father and losing a dad

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This Father’s day I simply want to share with you two lessons that I’ve learned from my two beautiful sons. It’s also the first father’s day that I’ll spend without my dad since he passed away this past February so I want to share a couple of lessons that he left me with. Watch This Video

The secret meaning of apparent defeat

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When something you push for really hard does happen, How do you shift from feeling defeated to realizing that there is a purposeful reason and perhaps something much better waiting for you? How do you go past a sense of loss or defeat and into a sense of wonder and excitement about what is yet to come? My video today provides a few ideas about what the hidden meaning of defeat may offer.Watch This Video