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Great Life Reviews | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 3
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Category Archives: Great Life Reviews

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Interview Review: Are you pulling or pushing in life?

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Today I have the honor of sharing a video interview of a personal hero of mine, Gary Vaynerchuck. The interview you are about to watch has one of the most powerful concepts I’ve heard of in business and it deals with pulling vs pushing ideas, information, content, products. Please watch the interview in full and let me know if you can come up with at least one way to use this concept in your daily life.Watch This Video

Why you don’t need wings to fly – the unconquerable soul of Jessica Cox

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My video today shines light on an incredible woman whose soul is as big as it is unconquerable. Jessica Cox is a living example of the power of belief and determination as forces to shape your destiny. Jessica has become the first woman without arms to fly solo and without any restrictions or special modifications performed on the plane. I ask you to find the Jessica within in order to break free from any self-imposed limitations.Watch This Video

Is your life a labor of love?

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It’s so easy forget where you are going and cut your dreams short in the midst of creating what you want. My video today talks about the inner strength that results from remembering what you are creating. I invite you to watch my video and the two additional videos I am reviewing in order to remember why you do what you do and why it’s ultimately worth it.Watch This Video

How to jailbreak out of your self imposed prison

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Today I share with you the story of a powerful man W.Mitchell who could claim to have many reasons to feel imprisoned and powerless and yet he’s made choices that have allowed him an incredibly fulfilling, wealthy, fun and free life. After being severely burned and paralyzed from the waist down, He’s found a way to become an incredible force of nature that will open your heart to your own limitless truth.Watch This Video

The power of love in action @kindovermatter

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Today I share the beauty, the strenth, the vulnerability, the kindness, the passion and the gift of my friend Amanda Oaks who is the creator of the most incredible and beautiful blog today kindovermatter. I invite you to listen to my video and then click on the link below it to read the work of art Amanda created titled “Why I do what I do”Watch This Video