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Great Life Reviews | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 4
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Category Archives: Great Life Reviews

How to create magic out of ordinary things

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Today I review an incredible work of art that lasts only 2mins and 30 seconds which carries one of the most powerful and yet simple messages I’ve heard in a long time. The video I review speaks about creating magic and seeing beauty from everyday life. How would your life transform if you were able to convert the ordinary into extraordinary simply by the attention you place on what you see?Watch This Video

How to create the life you want through adding more value

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Today I am extremely excited to share with you the story of my friend Lewis Howes and the secret that took him from leading a life with no future to becoming a leading force in internet marketing today all in less than 2 years. This principle is perhaps the most powerful secret to create influence while simultaneously gain the ability to sell a lot more of your products or services in an elegant way.Watch This Video

The sun can shine again in a heartbeat

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Life can open up or close off in the blinking of an eye. My video today shines light on how the worst “rainy day” can turn into an incredibly transcendental experience that will forever bring light into your existence. My reminder today is to live expecting miracles and one day in the not too distant future a few of them will align in your path. What has been your greatest turnaround of a day?Watch This Video

The power of one (to move 67,349 hearts)

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There is an amazing power in oneness, in passion and in song. My message today is how a moment of musical unity can remind you to share your “song” with the world and share your gifts with those around you. The power to move hearts towards a common purpose is a gift that we all possess they challenge is finding our own gift and sharing it in such a way that it becomes part of the lives of others.Watch This Video

Why being offended is a choice

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Today I’m sharing a story of an interesting experience I went through recently when I posted a video that a group of people found offensive (many before even taking the time to view it). I decided to use this experience to think back to times in my life when I judge too quickly and get upset at my judgements more than about the reality of it all. Have you ever make a snap decision about someone before allowing them the benefit of the doubt?Watch This Video