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Great Life Reviews | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 2
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Category Archives: Great Life Reviews

Everything is a present

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Today I have the honor to share with you the story of the oldest holocaust survivor, Alice Herz Summer. I know that if you are anything like me, that you will find this to be more than just an inspiring story and perhaps make it one of those life lessons you can call back upon whenever you need a reminder of: what really matters in life, why gratitude is the way and most importantly why everything is a present.Watch This Video

The key to doing more than you ever thought possible

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One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is: what makes the difference between people who perform in ways that go beyond all expectations vs most, who live a life far below their soul’s potential. The video I share today expresses the most fundamental key that can help you live in a way that is always consistent with your potential rather than your fears.Watch This Video

Speaking your truth today to live forever free

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Today is about speaking your truth when it matters most, now. My intention for sharing part of my personal story as well as the amazing video below mine, is to awaken within you an active awareness and a thirst for speaking your truth. I want you to start saying what’s in your heart to those whom you care for most. Life is such an unexpected journey and yet the strength of your voice will forever live in the hearts and souls of those who listen to it.Watch This Video

The way to avoid having regrets in life

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Life is often not what we expect. We visualize, dream, put our soul into something and then life has a funny way of showing us the way sometimes. My video today is an incredibly inspiring story of Derek Redmond and has many possible lessons for us. Let me know what is one lesson you could apply immediately to your life if you really wanted to.Watch This Video

The search for your ultimate truth with George Harrison

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For my last post of 2011, I wanted to share some thoughts that stuck in my heart while watching “George Harrison, Living in The Material World” by Martin Scorsese. My video today speaks of the incredibly vital importance of dedicating your life to finding your own truth and living in a way consistent with your core essence. It’s about getting rid of all excess baggage and rules and making this life the transcendent journey it was always meant to be.Watch This Video