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Category Archives: Great Life Health

The Myth of Aging

Most human beings have a deep rooted belief that to age means to become less flexible, endure less, get tired more easily. Today I share an example that will help you realize that what’s common is not what is normal and that there is an alternative to what most people experience.Watch This Video

3 vital keys to consider if you want to live past your 60’s

Are you on a path to experience ultimate freedom in the form of vibrancy, health, energy and flexibility for your later years, or are you literally taking away weeks of your life with your current habits? Today I share three basic yet powerful areas of focus if you want to live a longer and more vibrant life.Watch This Video

Are you ready to experience the real taste of life?

This Great Life Health Post is an invitation to re-discover the taste of the foods you eat so that you can savour life more intensely whether you are actually eating or just being. How consciously do you eat the majority of your meals?Watch This Video

How to live a whole deal longer

Today, I share an insight that can extend your life for many many years while simultaneously allow you to escape the grim statistics in our country where 50% of men & over 30% of women will die of heart related diseases that are 100% preventable. I also invite you to watch Dr. Esselstyn’s incredibly insightful video below.Watch This Video

Can a 10 minute workout transform your life?

Tired and lacking time to exercise? My video today answers a practical question in the area of health: what is the power of a 10 minute workout? Is it possible that taking 10 minutes to workout can substantially change your health over time? Find out in less than 3 minutes by watching now.Watch This Video