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Did I Choose The Wrong Man?
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Did I Choose The Wrong Man?

I’m very excited today to be launching a new video category at yourgreatlifetv “Get The Love You Crave, Q&A” where every week a courageous woman will get a chance to ask me a question about how to create an insanely passionate and devotional relationship with a man, how to get out of a slump in a relationship, why men do the things we do and how to attract the right kind of love/man into your life.

Today’s relationship question comes from a beautiful lady who prefers to remain anonymous, so I will only share her first initial “C”. Like so many women today, C is questioning whether she made the right choice in selecting her man and feeling like she’s the one having to steer the ship but not thrilled about the experience.. By the way she asks her question I know that what she’s really craving is a way back to her heart and a strategy to inspire his man to show up more fully for her so she can relax into her core and experience the fullness of life. Check out my answer and let me know what you think either by adding a comment or sending me an email.

If you haven’t yet signed up for my free video series: “How to Guide Your Man To Worship You with Desire, Presence and Strength (Or Attract One Who Can), I invite you to do it now.

I also invite you to email me at Bernardo{at}yourgreatlifetv{dot}com if you have a pressing question you’d like me to consider for this video series.