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What Would It Take For My Man To Step Up?

Today I answer a question from a courageous woman, Michelle, who wants to know when men are going to step up and get with the program? Here is the full question below:

“Bern, What would it take for men to step up and learn some relationship skills? How can we as women be in our feminine essence when we are constantly working on ourselves? I for one am tired of having to be the one to put myself out there with my purpose and business, and now I feel resentful that I have to ‘lead my man’ to be present…its just a bit too much. I know women are the ones interested in transformation, but really, isn’t it time for MEN to do this work?”

Sabrina Bolin
Sabrina Bolin

Thank you @BrightMichelle for the great question! I have to admit that I tried to lead my man in the beginning of our relationship - and of course, it didn't work :). But when I began serving AND communicating in a new way - he began serving and communicating in a new way too. Truly!

Did it look like what I was doing? Not at all - but I began to recognize and interpret his actions and gestures in a new way that helped me realize he was evolving too - but simply on his OWN path, parallel but completely different than my own.


thank you for the video answer to my question Bernardo Mendezr....yes, there is more for me to give, and yes, I need to see if he is the one. It's both...I believe a relationship has to be mutually giving, growing, and opening. It's like we need different coaches at different times of our lives, friends and lovers have different keys to unlock us. And I still strongly believe men need to step it up  Women have gone all the way with their evolution in being able to make their own money and be in the business world. It's simply time for the scales to balance. Love your work and your stand for conscious love.