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- Part 50
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Author Archives: Bernardo Mendez

The easy way to avoid missing the point in life

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I am so excited to be back recording this today after 2 weeks in Spain. Today I want to share with you the easy way to ensure you don’t miss out on the most important part of life, living fully. How often do you think about how your average, mundane and day to day actions contribute to leading an immensely rich life? Today, I ask you to look within these simple moments to find the elusive key that most people unfortunately miss out on.Watch This Video

How to jailbreak out of your self imposed prison

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Today I share with you the story of a powerful man W.Mitchell who could claim to have many reasons to feel imprisoned and powerless and yet he’s made choices that have allowed him an incredibly fulfilling, wealthy, fun and free life. After being severely burned and paralyzed from the waist down, He’s found a way to become an incredible force of nature that will open your heart to your own limitless truth.Watch This Video

Why “I don’t know” is a bad lie…

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Today I explore the power of truth to set your soul free and allow you to have the kind of life that you are not just proud of but that transcends your current limitations and through example, sets others free.Watch This Video

The power of love in action @kindovermatter

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Today I share the beauty, the strenth, the vulnerability, the kindness, the passion and the gift of my friend Amanda Oaks who is the creator of the most incredible and beautiful blog today kindovermatter. I invite you to listen to my video and then click on the link below it to read the work of art Amanda created titled “Why I do what I do”Watch This Video

The biggest gift you can share on earth

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What is your mission? What is your passion? What is your purpose? My video today sheds a different perspective on these and asks you to stop searching for it in order to accomplish your mission through being fulfilled and alive from the inside out. What would your life be like if you focused on radiating happiness instead of driving yourself crazy by wanting to find your true purpose?Watch This Video