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- Part 83
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Author Archives: Bernardo Mendez

How to attract the perfect partner

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Ask Bernardo – This episode focuses on answers 2 questions that have been a common topic recently. 1)How to attract the perfect parter? 2)How to rekindle passion if you are in a committed relationship already? Please click on the “read more” link to POST A COMMENT.Watch This Video

Why care about your health?

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This is a basic introduction to your great life health, a channel withing yourgreatlifetv.dev. This video discusses what health is really about and what you can do immediately to shift to a consciousness of greater health. Watch This Video

Introducción a Tu Vida Plena

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Esta es una introducción a Tu Vida Plena, la sección en Español de este video Blog. Watch This Video

What is your passion?

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What is your Passion begins to uncover the main way you can live a fulfilled life and a purpose driven existence. learn why it is important to discover your passion and 5 simple steps you can take today to get closer to enjoying your passion every day. Watch This Video

Welcome to a vlog for you

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Welcome to a vlog for you is the introduction to yourgreatlifetvl.com, it explains why this blog was created and the difference between the six different categories of posts that are shared. This is a daily vlog that is designed to help you live a more conscious and purpose driven life by taking small but effective steps daily. Watch This Video