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- Part 60
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Author Archives: Bernardo Mendez

Find a way back to your heart (60 second video)

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It’s not what you do every now and then that counts but how you consistently live your life and open up to every moment. It’s How you love in spite of hurt, smile in spite of pain and get back up when nothing you do seems to work. My 60 second reminder to your heart is to once and for all open to the notion that the way back home is home. Watch This Video

Lessons from a three foot giant @TheSeantourage

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Today I have the honor of sharing with you the incredible story of a man with an invincible spirit and whose life example is reaching thousands of people around the world today. Sean Stephenson is a three foot giant who lives the life of his dreams, shares his gifts with the world and has found the love of his life in spite of having faced severe physical challenges since he was born. I invite you to watch my video and then learn more about this hero of mine through watching his videos.Watch This Video

Help him, help YOU

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It’s no secret that men and women share different strategies for solving problems. Understanding each other in the midst of a challenge is often not fun and can be extremely frustrating for both. Today, I share one very practical skill that any woman can immediately apply when she wants to be heard instead of “fixed” by her man. I hope you enjoy learning a few ideas about why communication between couples (when problem solving) is not as intuitive as one would hope.Watch This Video

Four compelling reasons to make love more often

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Today I will share perhaps my most fun challenge for you thus far: Have sex more frequently. My video today offers you four compelling reasons to improve your health significantly through enjoying a more consistent sex life. This video offers you an opportunity to use health as an excuse to grow closer with your partner and spark some extra love and passion in your week. Will you take me up on my challenge? Watch This Video

A conscious way to end disappointment

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I recently experienced a strong feeling of disappointment in someone whom I really admire. I was really pleased to be able to turn the feeling around in a short period of time through experiencing a few basic steps that I’d like to share with you today. Hurt and disappointment can enslave and hurt you, I want to offer you an alternative of freedom from the illusion of pain. When was the last time you experienced disappointment and what did you do about it? Watch This Video