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- Part 82
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Author Archives: Bernardo Mendez

Massive success vs moments

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This episode (ask Bernardo) focuses on why attempting to create massive success is often a lack of understanding of what really makes you experience lasting fulfillment. Watch This Video

Is Sugar robbing you of precious life?

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Sugar is often overlooked as a major source of illness, inflammation and weakening of the immune system. This video discusses why and how you can cut sugar from your diet. Watch This Video

An unexpected message

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I discuss a hidden message that my dad left me in the form of a book before he passed away. This message is one of the most beautiful expressions of oneness I have ever read. Enjoy. Watch This Video

¿Sabes cuál es tu pasión?

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Episode 7 (Tu vida plena capítulo 2) habla de descubrir tu pasión y de encontrar una forma práctica de vivirla todos los días. Watch This Video

Farther than the Eye Can See

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This review covers “Farther Than The Eye Can See” a documentary about the summit to Mt. Everest by Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind man to reach the top of the world. Please click on the “Share the Love” link to see the trailer for the documentary I am reviewing this week.Watch This Video