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Emotional Force | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 4
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Category Archives: Emotional Force

My 4 Last Wishes for 2012

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As this year comes to a close I want to share my four most heartfelt wishes that can allow you to return home (within) and open the path for you to have the best year of your life in 2013.

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A Gift For Your Heart

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Today I feel a little sick. I’ve pushed myself so hard for quite a few weeks, that my body is finally speaking to me asking me to slow down. I know that yours might be telling you the exact same thing so I have a challenge for you that will make your heart happy and reconnect you with a much needed feeling of renewal this time of year Watch This Video

Freedom From You ;)

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If you’ve ever had difficulty forgiving someone who’s hurt you in the past, here’s a approach that can offer a much more compassionate way to transcend any feelings of hurt. *** If You haven’t signed up already, <<CLICK HERE>> To Sign Up For Free To My New Video Series: Meaningful Influence ***

Little Meaningful Moments

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Life is rarely the big events we all wait for, life is the little moments of connection and meaning. Today I share a simple challenge to go back to what’s really most important in life. Watch This Video

Practical Gratitude

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On this Thanksgiving week I want to share a practical way to get your gratitude in check and act from a place of radical appreciation for the people in your life who give you so much meaning.