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Emotional Force | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 5
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Category Archives: Emotional Force

Trajectory vs Landing

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Have you ever felt upset pissed about not being where you want to be in some area of your life such as your finances, health, relationships, career? Today I share what is much more important than where you are today and why.Watch This Video

How to Be Abundance

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I hear a lot of talk about “attracting abundance” into our lives, and I love the intent behind it. Today I want to talk about how to be abundance in a practical, immediate and easy way starting today.Watch This Video

The Myth of Aging

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Most human beings have a deep rooted belief that to age means to become less flexible, endure less, get tired more easily. Today I share an example that will help you realize that what’s common is not what is normal and that there is an alternative to what most people experience.Watch This Video

What if The Opposite Were True

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My video today is a personal invitation to employ your courage in order to see possibilities before seeing problems, and be able to see it (life, a new opportunity, a challenge) working before seeing it not working.

True Wealth

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What is the fastest and most self reliant way to attract the deepest manifestation of wealth into your life? Today I share one key to experience an expression of wealth that is extremely fulfilling.