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Category Archives: Emotional Force

Faith In Action

Las week I shared a thought on Facebook about what real faith and surrender mean to me that really struck a chord with some people, so today I’m expanding on that idea and sharing a few words that can make a significant difference in how you approach how deeply you surrender.

Reclaiming Truth

This past weekend I had a chance to spend some time really thinking about what makes the biggest difference in my life. If you really think about it, how deeply are you living for the reason that you really came here for? Today I want to share a challenge that came out of these consciousWatch This Video

What If You Give Love Instead

Whenever I hear someone who is experiencing a lack of love in her life, I often think about how unbelievably easy it is to turn this around. Today I share a simple but profound way to experience more love in your life than you ever through possible.

The 5 Minute Cure

Have you ever had a persistent problem that you keep ignoring but comes back to haunt you when you least expect it? What If five minutes of conscious awareness could send you on a path to get rid of this?

You Experience What You Want To See

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to see the beauty in life no matter what happens to them, while others seem to get easily pissed at pretty much the smallest inconvenience? My video today is about how to be part of the first group of people.