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Emotional Force | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 3
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Category Archives: Emotional Force

Since You Can’t Change Your Past, Change Your Present

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How do you change a woundingly negative attachment to the past, or release the hurt from something someone did or said? Today I share a sustainable way to once and for all break free from the crap we really want to let go of. :)Watch This Video

Why My Heart Still Beats With Livestrong

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A lot has ben said about Lance and Livestrong in the past week and I couldn’t stay quiet without sharing my experience with this outstanding organization that has helped millions of people around the world and that despite benefitting from Lance’s exposure in years past, has never been about Lance. Watch This Video

4 Lessons To Go Beyond The Fall

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Last week I shared with you a game to more easily appreciate pain as you live it, rather than 2 years later. Today I’m sharing the 4 most crucial lessons that can help you get up faster, when you fall.Watch This Video

The Three Steps Ahead Game

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What if you were able to see the gift in the pain, not three years from now, but today? On Today’s episode, I’m sharing a way for you to move beyond the pain of not getting what you want right now, and get to enjoy bigger and better things soonerWatch This Video

I’m messy and I know it ;)

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For this first post of 2013 I want to share an invitation to embrace all parts of YOU: the organized, the messy and everything in between.Watch This Video