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Category Archives: Emotional Force

Traveling light through life

How freely are you traveling through life? If your day to leave came unexpectedly today, are you giving away your gifts and love in such a way you could take this final trip full of life?Watch This Video

Contagious light

Have you ever faced the light of another human being when you least expect it and as a result change your mood for the day completely? Today I share a recent experience about this and offer you an powerful challenge. Watch This Video

One degree is all it takes

Have you ever realized very early in your day that you are majorly pissed off about something? Today I’m sharing a small yet powerful distinction to reclaim your day when this happens.Watch This Video

How to bring light to a moment of darkness

Today’s video is an invitation to bring your own inner light to a difficult moment by trusting in the deeper wisdom of the universe. This post is about realizing the depth of the lesson you are being presented with right now versus years from now.Watch This Video

How to stop playing those games we can never win

Have you ever caught yourself playing a game where no matter what you do, you will lose? I think that we often do this in our personal lives but don’t realize it’s a game until it’s too late. Today I share a recent experience that reminded me how to stop myself from experiencing pain and creating pain for others through playing games that I cannot win.Watch This Video