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Emotional Force | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 9
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Category Archives: Emotional Force

Living beyond the edge of Freedom

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If you’re anything like me, you often feel the pull of having to change your life or enroll in some program, or buy something that will ultimately create more freedom in your life. My message to you today is that you are as free today, in this now-moment as you will ever be. Through recognizing the depth of your present state of freedom, you can break free from the illusion of having to do or be in order to experience.Watch This Video

Can you breathe into gratitude now?

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Breathing into gratitude means allowing the gratitude in your heart to radiate outwardly to the people you get to touch. This is not done by something you say or do but rather by who you are. My challenge today invites you to breathe into gratitude right now.Watch This Video

Creating a memorable life

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Creating a memorable existence is easier than most people think. Having breathtaking moments is an experience we can ALL have every single day of our lives. Today I share a powerful and easy way to add more awareness to our depth of being & feeling each and every day.Watch This Video

Doing more with what you’ve got

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It’s so easy to lose perspective in life and fail to see the incredible, mind blowing abundance we all get the privilege of living in. I was so deeply touched by something I saw this weekend that I had to share this message with you in hopes it awakens even more hunger in you to serve others.Watch This Video

The most important decision you can make today

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Have you ever wondered how do some people go through the most difficult situations in life and manage to turn around and become examples for humanity, while others get emotionally attached to their pain? Today I share one of the most powerful distinctions you can make in your life if you want to lead a life of meaning and fulfillment.Watch This Video