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Welcome to a vlog for you
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Welcome to a vlog for you

yourgreatlifetv.dev is a video blog ‘vlog’ about you. It’s an idea born out of a hope of creating a higher level of joy, passion, excitement, purpose and direction in your life. I decided to create this outlet because my passion in life is that beautiful moment when a person reclaims her life and decides to let intention and purpose be their driving forces rather than fear.

I do not claim to be an expert of any kind, I am simply a student of life and person who has spent a great deal of his life looking for answers to some simple, yet important questions: Why do two human beings with similar backgrounds produce such different results and experience such different levels of joy in life? What is the purpose of life? What are the most practical steps anyone can take to live their passion in life? This vlog has six different sections:

1.- Emotional Force – Where we discuss ideas, tools and strategies to help you life a more fulfilled life.

2.- Great Life Health – A section designed to share simple yet practical ideas that can drastically enhance your level of vitality, energy, vibrancy and ultimately your longevity.

3.-Ask Bernardo – On these posts you get to ask me any questions (by sending an email to ask@yourgreatlifetv.dev) about any of posts of the week or about any challenge you or a “friend” might be experiencing and get my take on how I would tackle the same challenge. I might simply ask you better quality questions to get you to come up with a different solution. Again, I am no expert here, I simply have a great deal of experience living a fulfilled, purpose driven life and working with people from all walks of life in the area of personal development

4.-Tu Vida Plena – my vlog in Spanish. My humble attempt to help create a conscious outlet in Spanish where so much of what exists for the Hispanic/Latin American Market is superficial entertainment with little to no transcendental value.

5.-Great Life Reviews – I will share ideas, blogs, movies, documentaries, events that can create a higher level of consciousness, joy and value driven fun in your life.

6.- Great Life Interviews – I will be bringing awesome guests whose lives are examples of a purpose driven life.

My idea behind this format is to provide you with valuable, fun, honest and actionable content 5 times a week for 10-15 minutes each day so that you can safely return home. By home, I mean, to the place where you are being a high expression of your true self with ease.

All I ask, is that you participate in the blog posts and more importantly: actively try out my daily challenges. It is only by doing, being and experiencing (not by listening) that you can align yourself with your mission and share your deepest gift with the world.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and courage to listen and invite you to share this site or any blog post link you like with anyone in your life who might benefit from it.


Bernardo Mendez