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Heart & Soul with @SallyHopeSays and @Nataliethecoach
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Heart & Soul with @SallyHopeSays and @Nataliethecoach

Real Women Doing Good In the World – Heart & Soul with Sally Hope and Natalie Vartanian

I first met Sally through Twitter several months ago and was immediately intrigued by this ex-rock star , turned life-coach who seemed so authentic, crazy, and fun. I followed her blog and one day realized the power she had in how vulnerable and unafraid she was in showing herself just the way she is and . We began a series of post replies on her blog where I got to know her depth of caring and where I learned we shared a lot more in common than I could have imagined (including the way our fathers died).

I finally had the chance to meet here in Austin a couple of months ago and was even more surprised to experience her radiant heart and compassionate energy first hand and also got a real sense of her mission to help out anyone who needs it. I met Natalie very recently, but knew instantly that she is someone very special and who shares Sally’s level of commitment to do good in the world in a practical and authentic way.

These two magnificent women one day decided that helping people was great but that they wanted to take their passion for helping others to the next level by to traveling the country in an RV with the purpose of doing random acts of kindness and documenting them in their show Girls Gone Motto. The powerful reality of this project is that they are doing this without an ego in the way of their actions. Their purpose for documenting these acts of kindness is simply to create a critical mass of people who realize that good things can happen to anyone while also motivating them to do good for others who are less fortunate.

I have the honor to share with you the light and passion of two incredible souls who’ve not just decided to live life on their own terms but also to leave a footprint in the world by being kind. These two beautiful women have embarked on a project across the US to remind strangers of all walks of life that spontaneous, and compassionate acts of kindness still take place today.

I invite you to watch this fun conversation among friends where you will have an opportunity to experience first hand the radiance and light of these really awesome ladies.

Connect with Sally & Natalie

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