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Nisha Moodley Heart & Soul – Freedom is YOUR choice

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“When you assume love, EVERYTHING in life occurs differently” ~Nisha Moodley

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I’d been wanting to meet Nisha face to face, from the first time I interacted with her sometime last Summer. Hearing about a young, absolutely beautiful (inside & out), energetic, source of purpose, who gets to travel the world doing what she loves, really stirred my interest. I was surprised that a woman as young as Nisha had so much depth in her message and furthermore, had found a way to free herself from the 9-5 constraints that so many people struggle with for a lifetime. You could say that finding a soul who is so open, magnetic and embodies a life of purpose made me absolutely keen to learn from her and also give something back to her in my own humble way.

As you will see in this interview, Nisha is one of those people that exude a powerful energy and it’s hard to describe in words how strongly my heart has resonated with everything she has shared in her videos and emails. To say I’m grateful that I get to share her with you today would fall so short of how I really feel about it. I know you will gain invaluable insights today that can easily help you to start living more fearlessly and with a lot more freedom starting today.

Some key insights from this interview:

  • Why feeling “different” is a good thing
  • How Nisha naturally went from a life of partying to a life of service
  • How to achieve more and find more meaning with less struggle
  • How to break from the illusion of having to choose between to miserable options
  • The gift in discovering that “there’s love right here”
  • Why assuming love changes your destiny
  • What are the 5 currencies of freedom
  • What you can do today to really get on your own path
  • What’s the “confidence myth”

About Nisha Moodley: Founder of

Nisha is a one of a kind entrepreneur who teaches women how to create thriving businesses that matter while embracing the freedom to live life on their own terms. Whether she’s creating a boot camp in Costa Rica or enjoying the cherry blossom season in Japan, her mission is to instigate freedom in others through sharing inspiring work that speaks of truth and through being an example of possibility in her very own life. I’ve met few people that are as congruent with their message and as humble and generous in their sharing of skills as Nisha. Hosting her on my blog is a great privilege that I don’t take for granted and our Saturday conversation was a memorable moment that I will remember for a very long time. Please do yourself a favor and get on her mailing list, you will be inspired to take action and simultaneously enjoy some of the most beautiful emails you’ve ever seen (no matter how many email lists you are on already).

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Michelle Bailen
Michelle Bailen

Thank you Bernardo. I love your interview style...and I ADORE Nisha. She is a fierce trailblazer. Her beauty and wisdom is magnificent. Thank you for inspiring all of us to fall in love with "your great life."


I love this so much! Everything Nisha spoke about in this interview resonated SO deeply with me. Thank you for this Bernardo!!! Thank you @AskNisha and @yourgreatlifetv 


Watched it twice Bernardo-thank you for continuing to bring us these marvelous and inspiring interviews.  I am feeling a bit "fiercer" now for having "met" Nisha.

Your work is marvelous Bern and I hope you will continue to expand your audience - your "reach" - because your message and enthusiasm is contagious.  I need it...


Sabrina Bolin
Sabrina Bolin

What a beautiful, empowering, compassionate, loving, inspiring soul!


I love your interviews Bern as you attract such amazing people on this path, and Nisha's firm belief in FREEDOM that is available to all of us is such a beautiful reminder to make that choice to live freely and fully from our source of love.


All I'm left with is wow.... Empowering.. soulful interview. I love you both!

Kimberly Riggins
Kimberly Riggins

Love this! So happy you shared Nisha with the world. She is fierce, fabulous and on fire! xo


Hey Bern! Good morning!

Beautiful conversation that took me since 5am to finish! LOL! I had to run to the store, take out the trash n the rain (HA!), rescue my kitty, and settle a child. t's now 7:25am and I have to say to the both of you, thank you!

I think I must be the most blessed person on the planet to have grown up believing I was lovable and that there really was no reason I couldn't do whatever I really wanted to do. My parents just never got in the way of the goodness that the world was. Does that make sense?

When people are angry with me or are cruel even, I see self-protection and pain in them. That automatically triggers compassion. I'm slow to figure out how to respond because I get overwhelmed with the wave of negativity. But I'm getting better. Usually people just need a hug. Other times they need a kick in the pants to stop the cycle of negative story-telling that they've come to enjoy living. I don't know...just want to say thanks. You find the most interesting people to interview. Off to the bus stop!

Have a fantabulous day!