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Rosie Battista Heart & Soul – Staying Radiant After 40

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“Lose the fake stuff and get real” ~ Rosie Battista

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Rosie is someone I instantly connected with from the second she reached out to be on my show. I guess it took me no time to recognize the depth of her message and how her inspiring story can empower women of all shapes and ages. Rosie is a wise and beautiful woman who decided to enter a bodybuilding competition when she turned 50 as a way to challenge her identity. Since then she has taken on a mission to let women know that through eating more naturally and loving themselves they can shine out more light than they ever through possible. The reason why her mission is so powerful is because as soon as you are unafraid to be proud of who you are, you are free to share your gifts and live your purpose without limitations. Whether you are 30, 40, 50 or 60+ I invite you to take her message to heart and see how her message can lift up your own life.

Some key insights from this interview:

  • How turning 50 allowed her to reinvent herself and reclaim her power
  • The path and significance of entering a body building competition at 50
  • What the theme “sleeping naked after 40” represents in terms of freeing up your life
  • The number one belief that has allowed her to feel amazing regardless of her age
  • What’s “naked” food and why you need to incorporate it into your diet
  • The most effective food swap that can take away 10 years from your appearance
  • How to balance aging gracefully with being as young as you can
  • Rosie’s strategy for detaching from the feeling of fear

About Rosie Battista – Author, Health & Life Coach

ROSIE Battista “cooks” naked and her mission is to get you to join

her. As founder of “Sleeping Naked After 40” and author of the book by the same name, she is Your Healthy Body “Builder”, Trainer and Food Maven. She’s the real deal, a former yoyo dieter who pulled it together to con?dently pose nearly naked beside women half her age in her ?rst professional ?gure body building competition at age 50. Rosie is one tough cookie when it comes to excuses and alibis, and she makes her clients realize the problem isn’t with their bodies it’s with their heads. She counsels women over 40 to change the way they eat and think, and the body will get their on its own – without starving or spending hours in the gym. Rosie’s Sleeping Naked After 40 program changes lives one meal at a time with tons of simple, sustainable, implementable, delicious style and none of the guilt associated with dieting. Ask her secret and she’ll not so politely tell you to “lose the fake stuff and get real” or even better, “know what

the frig’ you are eating!”

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Beautiful stuff, @RosieBattista! I'd like to thank you on behalf of all the women of the world! Over the past few years I have eaten naked food and have never felt more beautiful (inside and out) in my life. We have a lot of work ahead of us to change our country's relationship with food, but we are well on our way with your inspiring message and tips. Thanks @yourgreatlifetv for sharing this with the world This message really needs to be out there! 

Sabrina Bolin
Sabrina Bolin

What a message! Her passion for loving who we are and making our bodies the best they can be is contagious Bern! Thank you, thank you for giving Rosie a place to shine her light and rock my world!

Ande Lyons
Ande Lyons

LOVE LOVE LOVE this authentic, moving, and oh so inspirational video of the AH-MAZING Rosie Battista!! 

Thank you Bern for sharing with the world Rosie's love of keeping everything REAL ... food, love and life. I just love Rosie's messages, recipes and unending support to women and men everywhere... she's a Goddess!

Sending you both much love, joy and laughter... Ande ♥


First thing, let me say, Rosie you look amazing both inside and out! I am standing up, cheering out loud here:) I took a major leap in my life last year, guess what, I did so at 42 years old!!!! I wanted to "build the best version of myself", it is amazing, your message about being in love with what you do, being comfortable with yourself, you can accomplish so much. For me, I had be true to myself, stop making excuses and let go of the things that I had been taught to believe that meant I succeeded in life. Being of Italian background, that meant, a house, a car and all that fancy stuff. Like you said, I had to lose the fake stuff and get real:) You are a great inspiration Rosie! Yes, it is a life change, whether it is with the way we eat or choices we make in our life. Thanks for having her on your show Bern:)


@yourgreatlifetv your interviews are so authentic. Nothing is rehearsed beforehand so you get the real deal. love that.


@RosieBattista Thanks for sharing this Rosie, having you on my show is such a treat :) Sending you much love.