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Chameli Ardagh Interview – Marriage to Truth
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Chameli Ardagh Interview – Marriage to Truth

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“The return of the goddess is the promise of wholeness.” – Chameli Ardagh

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The Return of Balance and Intuition

Chameli Ardagh is one of the most profound and beautiful human beings I’ve ever shared on this site. Her depth in my mind arrises from a humble yet very real awareness of what it takes to live a life of truth versus seeking. Her practical wisdom rests in the aliveness that results from a return to and the discovery of feminine sacred practices in the context of modern-day living.

This is an interview where literally every moment and sound is full of presence and depth and I don’t think I could ever do it full justice by writing about it here, so my invitation to you is that you give yourself the gift of listening to her message and allowing her truth to meet your truth in the space of your heart.

Some Key Insights From This Interview:

  • The glorious failure in embodying spirit.
  • Chameli’s recognition of the feminine exclusion in the nature of traditional spiritual traditions.
  • How stepping into your dharma allows you to tap into a superpower.
  • The pain that birthed a commitment in her to marry into her path of love.
  • The power of thousands of doors opening to real freedom to live in alignment.
  • What does it mean to be a woman in this day and age.
  • What is the force of power and love in the fierce face of the feminine.
  • The power in staying present in the midst of anger.
  • What is the power of Madhura as it relates to her women’s circles.
  • How to embody unconditional love in a real and practical way.
  • The freedom that arises from being free from the burden of judgement.
  • How an instant surrender helped her break free from the hamster wheel of seeking.
  • Her beyond beautiful definition of dharma.
  • Why we must have a purpose that is bigger than ourselves.

About Chameli Ardagh: Yogini, Feminine Spirituality Practitioner, Founder of Awakening Women’s Institute

ChameliChameli Ardagh is a leading pioneer in contemporary feminine spirituality, and she has inspired thousands of women around the world through her breakthrough methods for living and embodying feminine awakening. She is especially appreciated for her love of mythology and storytelling as a method for illuminating our hidden strength and beauty.

As a teen, Chameli embarked on her journey as a spiritual explorer, which, at the age of twenty, led her to India, which she has returned to more than fifteen times. She has studied with many remarkable mentors and undergone thousands of hours of intense practice of meditation and spiritual studies. The last 15 years she has been a student of ShantiMayi, a wisdom teacher with base in India and France. Chameli has taken every opportunity to become adept in her field through her own practice as well as through extensive training in group dynamics, meditation and spiritual counseling.

She is initiator of a global network of groups for women, and the author of two books on feminine empowerment and spirituality, which have been published in three languages.

Chameli was featured in the book Ordinary Women, Extra-ordinary Wisdom: The Feminine face of Awakening (www. extraordinarywisdom.net) by Rita Marie Robinson, M.A, a collection of conversations with women spiritual teachers. She was also featured in The Translucent Revolution by Arjuna Ardagh, as an authority on feminine spiritual practice and in Hope Beneath Our Feet by Martin Koegh.

Chameli was born in Norway and now lives in Northern California with her husband Arjuna and Angel the cat.

Connect With Chameli:

On her site www.awakeningwomen.com
On facebook www.facebook.com/Awakening-Women-Institute/58155612701
On Twitter @Awakeningwomen

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