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Great Life Interviews | Yourgreatlifetv.com - Part 3
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Category Archives: Great Life Interviews

Melissa Cassera Interview – The Soul of PR

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My interview today is with Melissa Cassera, a PR Rockstar who will share some invaluable insights to demystify PR and help you get motivated to reach out to the media, fund your passions and share yourself more vulnerably with the world.Watch This Video

John Mackey Interview – Co-Founder & Co-CEO Whole Foods Market, Inc

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It’s with great humility and joy that I share with you my interview with the man who arguably has been the most influential person in the world in getting all of us to eat and live more organically. Enjoy! Watch This Video

Lovetta Conto Interview – From Refugee to Inspiration

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Today is a very special day for me as I share the story of someone who defies all odds and is an example of possibility for humanity. Lovetta’s story has touched me most deeply and reminded me of the true resilience of the human spirit.Watch This Video

Lori Deschene Interview – The Freedom In Being You

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I feel really blessed to be able to share Lori’s radiance and message today. Lori Deschene is someone I’ve felt a strong connection with, pretty much as soon as I learned about her. Here’s why: her life exemplifies so many of the virtues I admire most in people.Watch This Video

Kute Blackson Second Interview – Realize The Gift

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Exactly four months ago I shared my first interview with Kute. I was so moved by the depth of spiritual wisdom he shared that I invited him back to take the conversation deeper. He is the first guest ever to make a repeat appearance on my show and I can guarantee that this is an interview you will not soon forget.

Watch This Video