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Category Archives: Great Life Interviews

Kristine Carlson Interview – Heart Broken Open

Every now and then I have the honor of connecting with a soul who is intimately connected with truth, life, love and everything I hold dear to my heart. Connecting with Kristine has been a true heart opening journey, perhaps because she’s someone who’s lived so much and so fully.Watch This Video

Kute Blackson Interview – Compassion is a Verb

Today is a big day for yourgreatlifetv and an example of why my life is such a blessing. I get to share with you the heart a deeply courageous man, Kute Blakson, a world renown spiritual leader, transformational coach and profound human being who will touch your heart in a way that few people can.Watch This Video

Sean Stephenson Interview – A real life hero leads the way

Today I share the light, the wisdom and depth of a man that many including myself consider a real life hero: Sean Stephenson. In this interview you will connect with a powerful message that invites you to set aside your limitations and insecurities and lead an exemplary life.Watch This Video

Philip Berber Interview – Give Yourself Completely

I have the unique privilege of sharing an exclusive interview with social entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist, Philip Berber. Check out what a man who co-founded what is now the 6th most effective philanthropy in the world has to say.Watch This Video

Roy Spence Interview – Don’t do mild in life

I am incredibly honored, excited and humbled to share with you an exclusive interview with an incredible business leader who is a passionate and purpose driven human being, Roy Spence. I can state with certainty that the twenty minutes you spend watching this video will be the best time investment you make today and possibly this week. I invite you to enjoy the depth and charisma of a man who has an important message to share – “Don’t do mild in life”.Watch This Video