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Alison Leipzig Heart & Soul – Loving Myself Completely

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“Beauty is God, Beauty is Love, it’s all that’s inspiring” ~Alison Leipzig

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Do You Love Yourself Completely?

Today I’m sharing a powerful lesson for me and I’m certain that most of you spiritual seekers too. Can you relate to the ever pressing struggle to not just accept but actually love yourself completely, without holding back, with no reservations (no secret parts of your body that you’d like to swap for someone else’s)? Most of us manage to get by but few people manage to break free from the cycle of insanity that is so unfairly placed as a standard by a few folks who profit from your feelings of unworthiness.

Today I’m bringing in a friend of mine who’s a body confidence coach and lives and breathes this opening of the heart from honoring her uniqueness to loving herself completely. Enjoy.

Some Key Insights From This Interview:

  • What a hormone imbalance taught her about really loving herself.
  • Why not running for student body president woke her up to accepting her inner freedom.
  • How to use honesty as a tool to bring self-worth back into your life.
  • How she mustered up the courage to be photographed by “Lucky Magazine” in her underwear.
  • Why seeing beauty in everything is definitely possible.
  • What allows you to know that you’re beautiful.
  • How she’s turned a sexual abuse experience into strength and power.

About Alison Leipzig: Body Confidence Coach

Alison Leipzig is a Body Confidence Coach who has been featured in Lucky Magazine, The Today Show, ABC’s The Chew, and Huffington Post Live.

She works with women to empower them to finally see their true beauty and radiance, both inside and out. No more hiding, no more waiting. Alison believes that our bodies hold infinite wisdom and that they show us, quite lierally, what our soul is craving.

You Can Sign up for her free video training on her website (link below). Alison also offers free 30-minute body confidence strategy sessions. Email her at alison{at}alisonleipzig{dot}com to set yours up.

Connect With Alison:

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On Twitter @alisonleipzig

Genevieve Maxted Tidy
Genevieve Maxted Tidy

Bern - just caught up with my viewing - what an ridiculously inspiring interview! As a Woman who lives her life "bigger" it is only this past year that I have began work on deeply accepting that about myself rather than the constant diets and concern about the opinions of others - for me, just being healthy and making the right choices day to day is the most important thing. If that choice happens to be cookies, so be it! A little of what you love doesn't hurt, but feeling inadequate and ugly as a Woman leaves deep scars. Thank you for sharing Alison's gorgeous message! xx

Shannon Kaiser
Shannon Kaiser

Love this. Awesome Alison Leipzig and Bernardo Mendez great interview.

yourgreatlifetv moderator

@BetsyKCross So Glad you enjoyed it my friend! And The Comment section is all the way here below haha! Sending You love! -Bern 

Re: Tell Allison that I really loved her interview. It felt like I was listening to myself as she answered the questions! I wanted to leave a comment, but couldn't see where to do that. I'm blind! LOL!

Great job! -Betsy