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Heart & Soul with @Zoe_Wild : Surrendering to bliss
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Heart & Soul with @Zoe_Wild : Surrendering to bliss

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Surrendering to bliss

I have the honor today of sharing with you a friend of mine who radiates such a bright and healing light, that simply being in contact with her presence (even if in a “virtual” sense) creates a deep sense of peace and sustainable joy. Zoë is a soulful, heartfelt and inspiring woman who not only has a powerful message to share with the world, but also a compassionate and boundless energy of love. I challenge you to open your heart during this conversation, since it can remind you of the importance of resting in and surrendering to – the beauty that is your authentic life. I recorded this over a week ago and still feel the effects of this conversation in my day to day life. I invite you to experience the same for yourself.

About Zoë Wild

Zoë Wild, CPCC, is a professionally trained and certified life, business & spiritual coach, workshop leader, public speaker and author.

Her education and employment span a wide array of interests and fields including selling a screenplay, working in Hollywood as a manager of development, online marketing and advertising, modeling, editing full length manuscripts, environmental activism, hospice care and business development.

Zoë is also an ordained Sufi Interfaith Minister, has spent extended time as a Buddhist nun in Burma, and is trained as a Buddhist Chaplain.  It is her great privilege to use the wisdom she has gained from these traditions, combined with her business expertise, to guide people on their unique paths to inner peace, strength, love, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment.

Her ability to help you transform yourself and your life comes from her own personal successes as much as education, training and experience.  She continues to grow and be inspired daily, and enjoys enhancing her skills on a regular basis by taking courses in many healing modalities, life purpose, relationship and communication seminars, and bringing these techniques to her clients.

You can connect with Zoë:

On Twitter @Zoe_Wild

On Her Youtube Channel

On Her Site www.zoewild.com