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Christine Gutierrez Heart & Soul – Embrace Your Inner Goddess

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“You don’t need to do anything to be spiritual, you just are” ~Christine Gutierrez

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I’m so excited to share my friend Christine with you, not only because she’s a very inspiring soul who shares my Latin roots, but also because she’s found her calling through serving others. Christine has found a way to help through a beautiful convergence of mysticism and modern psychology. I’m also grateful to share a dialogue about spirit on my show in a meaningful yet simple way that is as fun as it is actionable. I anticipate that you’ll find Christine’s wisdom and depth of sharing to be an embracing invitation to reconnect to the divine goddess (or god) within. The beautiful quote I shared above was something Christine shared with during our conversation a few minutes before the interview started and I found it so beautiful and true that I decided to include it.

Some key insights from this interview:

  • How is Pain a masterful teacher
  • Why owning your pain allows you to transcend it
  • Why your soul wants you to honor your senses
  • How non practical books can “practically” help you
  • How to reconnect with your primal feelings
  • Why connecting to your inner godess brings about your deepest truth
  • What is the beauty in seeing people as perfect
  • Why solving the world’s deepest problems starts and ends within

About Christine Gutierrez: Founder of

Christine Gutierrez, M.A., MHC brings an innovative and fresh approach to healing as a modern day psychotherapist with a soulful twist on celebrating the complexities of the human mind, the body’s wisdom, and the truths of our inner spirit.

She combines philosophy and tools from psychology while incorporating Psycho-dynamic Principles, Jungian Psychology, Energy Healing, Tantra, Shamanism, Earth Based Traditions, Mindfulness techniques, and Priestess work – creating a sacred space for her clients and students to be curious and explore their emotional, spiritual, sensual sides and truly explore their entire inner terrains.

Christine loves to translate complex psychological, spiritual, and mystical themes into practical, approachable, and useable tools for people to use in their everyday lives.

Connect with Christine:

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On Twitter: @cosmicchristine

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Nash Ryker
Nash Ryker

Here's ONE of my big takeaways from this amazingly inspirational conversation: 

"Turn your pain into purpose"

That simple nugget of wisdom has the power to transform lives - mine included.  I discovered this little bit of truth fairly recently, and it has made a tremendous impact on my well-being and outlook on life.

Thanks to both of you for sharing so much positivity and enlightenment  in this talk :)


Hey Bern!


Had to save this for today. Glad I did! 

"Remember, Learn, Transform" !!!!!!! I get it. That's exactly what I believe! So much to say. She's a beautiful soul who knows how to clearly express who she is. I've never met another person who has been able to say that they see people as perfect  and at the same time encourages honesty about how a person feels, whether it's "good" or "bad" at any given moment. Makes me crying happy! You find the most amazing people Bern! And the fun of it is is that we all are!


Have a happy day!




What a beautiful, inspiring message!! Transform our pain into purpose! The world needs this message!

I believe that we are not given anything we can not handle..confronting our sufferings will give us strength, courage and will make us grow in better understanding who we are, our purpose to make a difference to others.


All my childhood experiences, the sufferings the pain have made me the person I am today! In the moment, I felt life was unfair...Forgiveness, compassion and understanding has allowed me to grow from those sufferings and give to others:)


You know what, I am currently travelling across South America, I have met so many truly inspiring people who have contributed to the world through their pain and sufferings....I have written about some of true life know, after listening to this interview, It is incredible how much I have been inspired, how much I have learned from the Latin roots:)


Great interview both of you! Love when you said "you feel too much" Bern. That's how I've always felt myself. But maybe people need to feel more. Maybe feeling too much is what leads people to foster change (like you're doing). Love Christine's ancient wild goddess earthy approach to healing & life! Love you both!!! 

Sabrina Bolin
Sabrina Bolin

@cosmicchristine Very interesting conversation about learning from our pain and maintaining bliss during chaos by strengthening our roots! Such a fine balance but love the work that both of you do to bring awareness to this!

yourgreatlifetv moderator

 @CosmicChristine I'll start this off by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to do this. You are a bright light and I'm happy to have the chance to connect with and learn from YOU. All my love -Bern :)