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Erin Giles Heart & Soul – The Power of One

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“The purpose of life is, in one word, love” ~Erin Giles

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I’m excited to share the light of a woman who’s a genuine example of service and whose work reflects the synergistic collaborative power that comes about when your soul is ignited by an idea that moves your soul to action. My friend Erin transformed from experiencing painful challenges in growing her business to a life with great clarity of purpose and significantly more flow. I invite you to hear her story and apply some of her wisdom in your life and business.

Some key insights from this interview:

  • How surrendering to finding her passion allowed her to align her life with her mission
  • The simple yet profound question that transformed her life and ignited her quest
  • How she used faith to move forward in a moment of deep economic distress
  • How focusing on helping others rather than on her finances opened her life to abundance
  • How she got Seth Godin and 58 other powerful authors to say yes to her project
  • What is the immense power in “just starting”
  • What is the significance in recognizing your fears to experience more freedom

Erin Giles – Founder of End Trafficking Day & Business Coach

Erin is the Founder of End Sex Trafficking Day and a Business Coach who teaches female entrepreneurs how to rocket their own revolution by building philanthropy into their business.

Erin broke the mold in her family, became the first person to graduate from college and got a masters degree, only to find herself managing other peoples businesses for seven years. One day her dreams became stronger than her fears and she created a revolution to help end sex trafficking and coach business ladies who are ready to shine and change their world and the world as she did.

She managed to raise $10,000 in 30 days and published a book containing 60 essays on love and freedom whose proceeds go towards the Not For Sale Campaign. In a very short period of time, Erin managed to create a collaborative movement in conjunction with several authors such as Danielle Laporte, Seth Godin, Jonathan fields and many others.

Connect with Erin:

On Her site:

On Twitter: @erinmgiles

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Help End Sex Trafficking:

People Mentioned in this interview:

Erika Lyremark

Seth Godin

Frank Kern

Danielle Laporte

Hillary Rubin
Hillary Rubin

Erin Giles so love seeing this picture come up of you two. xo

Sabrina Bolin
Sabrina Bolin

Erin, you're such an inspiration to take beautiful intuitive action in life so that we can SERVE those who need it! Thank you for sharing about your amazing journey today!

Antonia Thank you for your support of Erin's interview. I think you identify with her so well because you are a person who's dedicated to serving humanity as well. Hugs amiga!


What's absolutely gorgeous about this conversation is that it touches all of us in the common space of growing forward into service-ageless, timeless. Really wonderful thank you both.


Antonia, Nicole, Joanna + Betsy -- you all bring a huge smile to my face with your kind words:) Thank you, thank you!! I love hearing where you are at and how giving has blessed you:)!

Antonia Lo Giudice
Antonia Lo Giudice

Powerful Bernardo! Erin touches on so many lessons that are truly about making a difference both in the world and personal lives:)


Bernardo, this one is so deep:) Erin is truly inspiring and a wonderful model for all us and on contributing to human kind!!!! Erin, it is so just beautiful the way you portrayed doing something with no recognition or expectations. It truly is amazing the gifts that you receive,greater than any recognition, by just being selfless:) especially opening up to what is going on in world. All the volunteer work I have done in South America with unprivileged kids, has given me so much more than I could have ever imagined before I went on this journey! Love your message about thinking about your perfect day, it is one of things that got me here:) You are beautiful Erin! Bernardo, thank you so much for this one, love you:)

Sylvia Ferrero
Sylvia Ferrero

Woohoooo! Looking forward to another kick ass episode, Bern! :)


Fantastic interview! Erin is a beautiful woman & I love the way your bright soul shines thru :O)


Erin is so beautiful. I love her story. I truly believe and agree that when we serve things start to flow in our live- we find our place in the world. I wish I'd known that earlier in my life. I'm going to listen to this again! I got a lot out of it. I feel like I'm in the middle of the same stuff right now. I know what gifts I have to offer that not only serve others but bring me joy and fulfillment...and how fear is a constant companion that I consciously stare at and say "Move over! You're in my way!" lol!

Thank you Bern and Erin! You made my day!


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