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Tisha Lin Heart & Soul – Embodying Feminine Radiance
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Tisha Lin Heart & Soul – Embodying Feminine Radiance

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“I’m grateful for the suffering that I have experienced” ~Tisha Lin

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If I had to describe my friend Tisha Lin with a single phrase I would say “inner-light”. Tisha is one of those rare souls who are so deeply connected with their own truth while committed to serving others, that simply being in their presence creates a shift in your awareness. As I reflect on the magic moment we shared for this interview I am filled with inner peace, gratitude, selflessness and love. I want you to give yourself the gift of allowing Tisha’s message into your heart. If you’re a woman her insight and wisdom will provide you with immense value in your day to day life. If you’re a man you will understand a way to your woman’s heart that is both beautiful and deep. Without saying anything else, I leave you with the message of a woman with a heart of gold.

Some key insights from this interview:

  • How she was able to transform suffering into action
  • How her search for truth led her to pack her life in four bags
  • The importance of paying attention to expansive vs contractive energy
  • The primary questions she consistently asks to create a life of fulfillment
  • The power of un-subscribing from suffering
  • How connecting with feminine energy harmonizes flow
  • A big key to eliminate or reduce pain during a menstrual cycle
  • Why embodying graceful strength transforms your life

About Tisha Lin – Holistic Health Coach & Founder of Pleasurable Periods

Tisha Lin is the Creator of Pleasurable Periods, a blending of both science and spirituality that invites ease, connection and flow in a woman’s body and her life. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition who guides and empowers women in understanding the important role of hormonal harmony, menstrual health, fertility and overall well being in life.

Tisha believes that a woman’s life force lives in her womb and that every woman deserves to understand her body and her period on an intimate level where she feels comfortable, confident and empowered.

Tisha also believes strongly in including men as part of these intimate conversations to promote further love, compassion and healing for everyone. After living and working in the corporate world of New York City for many years, Tisha reached a life changing moment that propelled her to give it all up and move down to the tropics. She currently resides in Panama with her beloved husband, Mijael Brandwajn, and together they own the Akila Yoga Wellness Center.Tisha connects with women from all over the world, leads group programs, teaches workshops and hosts retreats. She believes deeply in creating community and raising awareness through the art of passionate service.

Connect with Tisha:

On her site: PleasurablePeriods.com

On facebook: facebook.com/PleasurablePeriods

On Twitter: @Tisha_Lin


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