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What Would It Take For My Man To Step Up?

Today I answer a question from a courageous woman, Michelle, who wants to know when men are going to step up and get with the program? Here is the full question below: “Bern, What would it take for men to step up and learn some relationship skills? How can we as women be in ourWatch This Video

Ashley Ambirge Interview Freedom To Be Me

NEW: Download audio / Listen to yourgreatlifetv on your MP3 [powerpress] “I’m a huge softy at heart” ~Ashley Ambirge ==> TWEET THIS

Did I Choose The Wrong Man?

I’m very excited today to be launching a new video category at yourgreatlifetv “Get The Love You Crave, Q&A” where every week a courageous woman will get a chance to ask me a question about how to create an insanely passionate and devotional relationship with a man, how to get out of a slump inWatch This Video

What You See is What’s Inside

Today I Share the most immediate way to to live the kind of life you absolutely crave, the simple key to experience a whole lot more of what you want and a whole lot less of what you dont ;)

Faith In Action

Las week I shared a thought on Facebook about what real faith and surrender mean to me that really struck a chord with some people, so today I’m expanding on that idea and sharing a few words that can make a significant difference in how you approach how deeply you surrender.