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The sustainable way to attract what you want in life

The biggest challenge I’ve observed when someone intends to attract something into his or her life is the false belief that what needs to be attracted is outside the self. Today I offer my take on what is needed to attract an extraordinary life and get a lot more out of life as a result of it.Watch This Video

Music from your heart with @Crizsabre

My video today is a reflection into my brother’s journey as a way to connect with that invisible force from where music, intuition, inspiration and truth stem from. I’ve had the privilege of watching my twin create since a very early age and my hope is that his story through music reminds you of what your heart longs to be, share and feel during this lifetime.Watch This Video

How long is your list? – Lessons from @RobertRdz

Last week I had the fortune if watching filmmaker Robert Rodriguez speak at RISE an entrepreneurship conference. He blew me away so much that I decided to dedicate this post to sharing the most important lesson that I learned from him that day.Watch This Video

Heart & Soul with @lcalandrella – Leadership comes from the heart

A few words about Laura Calandrella Today I have the privilege of sharing with you the wisdom of a passionate person who’s making a difference in the world by making this life about something greater than herself. Laura Calandrella is a courageous woman who has traveled the world helping communities find sustainability and in doingWatch This Video

What is the key to anything that you want in life?

How many times do you find yourself trying so hard to get something you want accomplished? If you are like most people chances are: many. In my 4 minute video I share a couple of insights that might remind you of a way to get what you really want without so much struggle.Watch This Video