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Sabrina Bolin Heart & Soul – Balancing the Heart

I invite you to let Sabrina Bolin’s humble strength in and allow it to remind you of the importance of balancing your soul, mind and body.

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37 degrees of Gratitude

Today I share a message from the depth of my heart to yours as I anticipate my 37th birthday in a couple of days. My message today is perhaps one of the most important lessons to ever understand and embody in this lifetime.

Lovetta Conto Interview – From Refugee to Inspiration

Today is a very special day for me as I share the story of someone who defies all odds and is an example of possibility for humanity. Lovetta’s story has touched me most deeply and reminded me of the true resilience of the human spirit.Watch This Video

Coming Back To You

We often feel confused when we lose our emotional fuel and seem to be moving backwards or not moving at all. My video today is a small reflection on what is one courageous step we can all take when such a time occurs and what we can do to go back to our heart andWatch This Video

Lori Deschene Interview – The Freedom In Being You

I feel really blessed to be able to share Lori’s radiance and message today. Lori Deschene is someone I’ve felt a strong connection with, pretty much as soon as I learned about her. Here’s why: her life exemplifies so many of the virtues I admire most in people.Watch This Video