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Five minutes to explode your health

You can easily explode your level of vibrancy and health in life. What if within five minutes you could have a clear picture of where you are in four critical areas affecting your health? What if out of this awareness you were able to create a new personal commitment that could result in a lifetime of well being.Watch This Video

The sublime art of “un-bullshitting” your life

Telling yourself “it ain’t so bad” might lessen the temporary pain of existence but have you though about how it might be killing your soul? This video explores ways to be honesty in action in order to live your truth.Watch This Video

Cómo superar tus miedos consistentemente

¿Te gustaría poder enfrentar tus miedos con acción enfocada en lugar de inmovilizarte? Es muy fácil poder hacer esto si sigues las dos estrategias mencionadas en este video.

Comparte ¿cómo rompes con los miedos en tu vida?

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How is the hero in you awakened?

Greatlife Review: The film Entre Nos is a powerful and explosive true story that reminds us to wake up the hero within and create a masterful life. What circumstances in your life have sculpted your inner hero?Watch This Video

Three essential habits to facilitate change

Do you need to help out a friend to change in a profound and real way. Is someone you care about involved in a self-destructive behavior? The three essential habits I share can assist you to help create real and lasting change in a friend and go beyond making them feel good.

Have you helped out a friend in need create change in a lasting way? How?

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